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Meet Alice: Author. Grandmother. Former Prisoner.
Meet Alice: Author. Grandmother. Former Prisoner.
Meet John: Leader. Advocate. Former prisoner.
Meet Lamont: Poet. Entrepreneur. Former prisoner.
Formerly incarcerated individuals take home 40% less pay annually
Children of incarcerated parents are about 3x more likely to have their own issues with the law
The average state has 56 occupational and 43 business licensing laws that prohibit hiring people with felony convictions
Since 1980, U.S. prison spending has grown 3x as much as education spending
A single drug conviction can reduce the chance of an employer callback or job offer by nearly 50%
There are as many Americans with a criminal record as there are with college degrees
1/3 of Americans have a criminal record
5 million children have had a parent behind bars at some point in their lives
68% of returning prisoners will be rearrested within 3 years
Four out of five landlords use background checks to screen out tenants with criminal histories
95% of state prisoners will one day return to society
60% of formerly incarcerated individuals can't find work 1 year after release

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